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Quantum National Bank Certificates of Deposit Rates

This bank treats its customers as the backbone of its business. This principle of Quantum National Bank has made it the preferred provider of financial services of the masses. It operates with a mission to provide quality banking products and services to individuals & businesses of the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta area. It was opened on December 27, 1995, by Dr. Neelagaru, who wanted to address the financial needs of mainstream and immigrant community. It is a community bank whose financial products offer good interest rates at a very nominal fee.

You may invest $1,000 in a Certificate of Deposit and enjoy the following interest rates:

7-31 Days CD earns 2.23% interest, 2.25% APY.
3 Month CD earns 3.05% interest, 3.09% APY.
6 Month CD earns 3.22% interest, 3.25% APY.
9 Month CD earns 3.26% interest, 3.27% APY.
1 Year CD earns 3.28% interest, 3.32% APY.
18 Month CD earns 3.60% interest, 3.65% APY.
2 Year CD earns 3.80% interest, 3.85% APY.
30 Month CD earns 3.89% interest, 3.95% APY.
3 Year CD earns 4.04% interest, 4.10% APY.
4 Year CD earns 4.14% interest, 4.20% APY.
5 Year CD earns 4.33% interest, 4.40% APY.
*Rates Accurate as of 05/20/08.

@ Interest on CD’s with a term of 1 year or greater is compounded quarterly and can be paid by check, deposited into another QNB account or reinvested into the CD.
@ To assure competitive interest rates, they are monitored aon a weekly basis.
@ Automatic renewal at maturity.
@ You can use your CD as collateral at any time you need to borrow money unexpectedly.

You can apply for a CD account via their site: In case of any queries feel free to contact the Customer Service Department at 770-945-8300.

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