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Greystone Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) Rates

Your money can Earn more with Greystone Bank. Greystone is a commercial bank chartered by the State of North Carolina. Since 1994 it has funded more than 800 commercial mortgage loans and has built a dynamic portfolio by providing a wide range of financial services. Its interest rates on deposit products are among the highest as offered anywhere.

You may open a Certificate of Deposit account with a minimum deposit of $50,000 and start earning interest at high rates. Following is a brief of the interest rates as offered:

– A CD account opened for 6 months earns 3.26% interest with 3.31% APY.
– A CD account opened for 1 year earns 3.5% interest with 3.56% APY.
– A CD account opened for 18 months earns 3.59% interest with 3.66% APY.
– A CD account opened for 2 years earns 3.69% interest with 3.76% APY.
– A CD account opened for 3 years earns 3.79% interest with 3.86% APY.
– A CD account opened for 4 years earns 3.88% interest with 3.96% APY.
– A CD account opened for 5 years earns 3.98% interest with 4.06% APY.

@ Interest is compounded on a daily basis.
@ Interest is paid quarterly. It can be capitalized back to principal or paid out.
@ A penalty of 90 days interest will be imposed on early withdrawals.
@ No Monthly Fees is charged.
@ Your funds are insured by FDIC.
@ Free Online Banking provided.

You may apply for a deposit account online via this page:
Incase of any queries you may mail them at: CustomerSupport AT or call Greystone Bank at: (919)-882-2380.

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