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Fireside Bank Certificates of Deposit (CD) Rates

A smart investment is one that earns strong rates of return. In today’s market every customer is on a look out for the best opportunity. Fireside Bank is an FDIC insured industrial bank that offers strong rates of return to its depositors. Its primary business includes Certificates of Deposit (CDs) with the most competitive rates.

You may open a CD account with a minimum balance of $50,000. The competitive rates as offered on CDs are summarized below.

CD Interest Rates:
– A deposit made for 9 months earns 2.00% interest with 2.02% APY.
– A deposit made for 12 months earns 3.70% interest with 3.76% APY.
– A deposit made for 18 months earns 3.65% interest with 3.71% APY.
– A deposit made for 24 months earns 3.75% interest with 3.82% APY.
– A deposit made for 36 months earns 3.25% interest with 3.30% APY.
– A deposit made for 48 months earns 3.25% interest with 3.30% APY.
– A deposit made for 60 months earns 3.25% interest with 3.30% APY.
*The above rates are effective from 05/22/2008 through 05/28/2008

@ Interest in earned daily and paid monthly by check, or added to the balance and compounded monthly.
@ Your account will automatically renew at maturity at Fireside then prevailing interest rate.
@ The grace period for withdrawal without penalty is 7 days after maturity.
@ A substantial penalty imposed for early withdrawal.
@ Your funds are insured by FDIC.

Fireside Bank has been in business since 50 years and has built strong relationships with its customers. You may now join thousands of satisfied customers and enjoy Fireside’s customized and personalized service.
You can open your account easily by following three steps as explained on this page: In case of any queries depositors may call the Customer Service Center at (800) 933-2323 Ext 55332.

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