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Verity Credit Union 10% CD Rate

Bankaholic reader David Z. wrote in to tip us off on a hot certificate of deposit rate going on a Verity Credit Union in Washington. Verity Credit Union is offering a 10% CD until 10/13/2007.

Requirements are as follows:
1) You must be eligible for membership (resident of Washington State; Worship is in Washington State; member of famliy of existing member; employee of one of many companies listed).
2) You must open a checking account ($10 minimum).
3) You must open the account at the new branch in Wallingford, Seattle, WA – 206 440 9000.

You can open an account by mail with photocopies of two IDs.

Each new member can open a single , 10-month 1000 CD at 10% APR.
If you refer another person, they put $25 in your checking account and that of the person you refer, plus you get to add $1000 for each referral.

If anyone is eligible to join, I would be delighted if you put me down as your referral: David Edwards-Zoars.

I would be happy for any of your readers to phone me for more details – or they could contact the Verity CU in Wallingford.

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  1. Brenda Louard said:
    on October 3rd at 07:32 pm

    Hello, I live in Atlanta and would have love the opportunity to be a part of your credit union CD with 10% interest, I have 200,000 I’d like to invest. Please let me know how I can get involve.

  2. Hector Jimenez said:
    on February 3rd at 01:26 pm

    Hello, I live in Houston, Texas and I would like to have the opportunity to save at your credit union CD with a 10%, I have US$100,000 to invest. Please let me know.