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Intervest National Bank Certificates of Deposit Rates

Grow your financial resources with Intervest National Bank. Every pence of your dollar can be supplemented with the deposit products of this bank. Its products are designed to serve the needs of everyone from a fresh client to the experienced corporate customers. They comprehensive level of service allows you to manage your finance at your convenience.

Below explained are the rates as offered for different Ceritificates of Deposit:
You can open your Regular CD account with as low as $2,500 ($1,000 for IRA’s) to earn the following rates:

CD account for 6 months earns 3.10% interest, 3.15% APY.
CD account for 1 year earns 3.20% interest, 3.25% APY.
CD account for 18 months earns 3.30% interest, 3.35% APY.
CD account for 2 years earns 3.44% interest, 3.50% APY.
CD account for 30 months earns 3.54% interest, 3.60% APY.
CD account for 3 years earns 3.73% interest, 3.80% APY.
CD account for 4 years earns 3.83% interest, 3.90% APY.
CD account for 5 years earns 4.12% interest, 4.20% APY.
CD account for 6 years earns 4.13% interest, 4.21% APY.
CD account for 7 years earns 4.14% interest, 4.22% APY.
CD account for 8 years earns 4.15% interest, 4.24% APY.
CD account for 9 years earns 4.15% interest, 4.24% APY.
CD account for 10 years earns 4.16% interest, 4.25% APY.

Jumbo CDs:
You can open a Jumbo CD with $95,000.00+ for a term of 10 years and earn 4.18% interest with 4.27% APY.

*All the above rates are effective as on May 30, 2008.

– Interest is compounded daily and credited to your balance monthly. You may also choose to get your interest credited to your INB Checking or Savings Account.
– A check for the interest earned can be sent to you monthly provided you maintain a minimum balance of $20,000.00.
– Your account statement is mailed to you at the year end or at maturity.
– Interest rate is fixed over the term of Certificate of Deposit.
– Severe penalties may apply for early withdrawals.
– Your funds are insured by FDIC.

For further details you may fill the contact form on their website or call them in New York at (212) 218-8383 or in Florida at (727) 442-2551. Start enjoying high rates of return on your deposits!

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