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Indymac Bank 5.46 6 Month CD Rate

Indymac Bank is the current interest rate leader on our best cd rates tracker. They beat out Umbrella Bank with a 5.46% APY (annual percentage yield).

Indymac is a popular brick and mortar bank. This 5.46% APY rate applies only online, and requires a $5,000 minimum deposit to open.

6-month Certificate of Deposit rates are the most popular option for short term cash investors, and because of the inverted yield curve, they also tend to have the highest rates.

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  1. jos said:
    on May 15th at 11:38 am

    this bank defaulted while my Large CD was still in this bank. when it matured, I asked for the proceeds, which was mailed to me, albeit about 2 wks. later than if the bank hadnt failed. I still have a smaller amt. of money in this bank – money mkt – & when I needed to withdraw some, I phoned them, asked for it & could barely turn around b/4 that check was in my mailbox. sure surprised me.