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Independence Bank Certificate of Deposit Rates

Independence Bank was chartered in 2004 by bankers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in the Orange Country. The growth of assets in its balance sheet reflects a tremendous growth. Its prime focus is to provide the business and personal banking products & services to its customers. Although its a full service commercial bank, it strives to re-invest in the communities it serves. It is an active member and participant of ‘Kiwanas Club of Huntington Beach’ and ‘Boys & Girls Club of Huntington Valley’.

Its savings products offer high rates of return. Certificates of Deposit (CDs) Account gives you the security and growth of your investment. You need to open your CD account with a minimum deposit of $1,000 to start earning the interest rates as exlained below:

CD for 7-30 days earns 1.74% interest, 1.76% APY
CD for 3 months earns 2.71% interest, 2.75% APY
CD for 5 months earns 3.20% interest, 3.25% APY
CD for 6 months earns 3.20% interest, 3.25% APY
Liquid CD for 6 months earns 3.05% interest, 3.10% APY
CD for 7 months days earns 3.20% interest, 3.25% APY
CD for 9 months earns 3.29% interest, 3.35% APY
CD for 12 months earns 3.39% interest, 3.45% APY
CD for 18 months earns 3.44% interest, 3.50% APY
CD for 24 months earns 3.44% interest, 3.50% APY
CD for 36 months earns 3.92% interest, 4.00% APY
CD for 48 months earns 4.16% interest, 4.25% APY
CD for 60 months earns 4.16% interest, 4.25% APY
*Rates have been noted as on June 05, 2008.

@ Your funds are FDIC insured.
@ Interest rates are guaranteed for the term.
@ Maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,000 to avoid the service fee.
@ The Grace Period is of 10 days.
@ There is no monthly service charge.
@ Free Internet and Telephone Banking provided.

Currently Independence Bank is a member of Irvine Chamber of Commerce, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce and more.

On taking its services you get can get your financial freedom. You can apply now through their website <> and start enjoying great returns on your investment.

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