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FAQ: Best CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates

Bankaholic makes finding the highest CD (certificate of deposit) rates extremely easy because we poll bank websites for their best interest rates in real-time. Our banking tool grabs the bank’s interest rate, length of the term, and the minimum deposit needed to get the rate.

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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
How does Bankaholic’s rate table technology work?
We use a proprietary API to poll financial institutions for their interest rate information, and copy this information into our Bankaholic server’s database. After that, we package up the data into an aesthetically pleasing format and serve it to the user.

Who provides the bank reviews?
Users like you! We are proud to be the #1 resource online for first-hand bank reviews from acutal banking customers. There are no gimmicks here. Our database of reviews is collected by real first-hand users, giving readers access to raw, uncensored bank ratings from a convenient, centralized web location.

What data do you collect about users who leave reviews?
Our reviews are 100% anonymous. This way, bank customers can say exactly how they feel, without fear that anything they say may be used against them in the future. This results in 100% honest reviews from customers.

How often are the bank CD rates updated?
The CD rates are updated daily at midnight.

How do I list my bank in your interest rate table?
Please use the contact form at the bottom of our website to speak the the webmaster.